Tanima Mukherjee

The secret ingredient

is always

” LOVE “


I love to experiment with several recipes and make my own recipe out of it as per my convenience and availability of ingredients. Finally if it turns out nice and tastes good I tend to write it down in some notebook or diary so that I don’t forget and get it the same way every time I make it. This is my old habit. But as the years pass by I have to change the notebook and rewrite all the recipes….a hectic and boring job to do. So one day, my friend suggested to do this digitally….. why not to write a blog and have all the recipes secured for life time. This is how my blog started…………

Check out my recent recipes…..

Banana Stems

Technically, a banana tree is actually a large herbaceous plant (plants with no persistent woody stem above the ground) and the stem (commonly known as “Thor” in Bengal region of India) is actually a flower stalk. Almost every component of…

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